Patio & Wall Links

E. P. Henry concrete pavers – Manufacturer of interlocking concrete pavers and wall stone.

Glen-Gery paving brick – Brick manufacturer.

Dimex edging – Edging used to hold in brick and paver patios

Professional Links

NCMA Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer

Landscaping & Horticultural Links

Please check out our new Outstanding Plants of the Month Photos now on Facebook. It has been updated with over 40 photos of outstanding plants in January & February, over 60 photos of plants that flower in March with descriptions, over 80 photos of plants that look great in April, and over 160 photos of plants that look great in May. Later in the year as we add additional months we will also feature plants not included on this page. Click on the “like” button at the top of the facebook page and you will get notices when there are new photos added.
The National Arboretum
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Penn State Cooperative Extension
Horticultural links from Cornell University

Links in other areas that may be of Interest

Kleinberg Family Tree – Our Branch of the Family

Kleinberg Wines from South Africa