Paver Patio Colors

Pavers come in a large range of colors and styles. With so much variety, they can give your property a look unmatched by other materials.
For the last few years, new styles and colors have been added each year. Check out manufacturers websites for more up to date information. To order the current year’s catalog see E. P. Henry, Techo-Bloc or other paver companies websites.
Below are shown some examples of the various colors, combinations, and different patterns that we use.

  • Many of our customers have used E. P. Henry concrete pavers, but we also can use Techo-Bloc, Cambridge, Belgard, Anchor, Hanover, Rinox, CST or any other brand of pavers. Installation is the same for all of the different brands
  • Paver Colors can be added and removed from production year to year. See the E.P. Henry Website or other manufacturer’s website to check current colors.
  • Colors shown here are the basic EP Henry colors and the names used are EP Henry names. Most other manufacturers make similar colors with different names.
  • The blends are shown here (Autumn Blend, Pewter Blend, Harvest Blend, Dakota Blend) are mixes of two colors in one paver. EP Henry and other manufacturers often add colors and color mixes, which are sometimes a blend of three or four colors in one paver. They are also available in certain types of wall stones, and can be seen on their website.
  • See Patio & Walk Construction for construction information.

Autumn Blend (Red with gray mixed in varying amounts)
Pavers in these photos are usually shown wet to bring out the colors.

Pewter Blend (Gray blend with light and dark gray mixed in varying amounts)

Harvest Blend (Brown blend with light and dark brown mixed in varying amounts)

Red (Not Autumn Blend – No gray mixed in)

Other Available Colors: Tan

Dakota Blend (A blend with dark brown mixed with gray in varying amounts)

EP Tan (Not currently in production; may be available as a special order)