Tie Walls

Small to medium sized walls (under 4 foot) are constructed with the proper batter and engineering for the material used. Pressure treated softwood ties are now guaranteed to last 40 years or more, outlasting older hardwood ties, and have a much cleaner appearance than old used railroad ties common in the past. These are our most economical walls. We build our tie walls with proper batter and pitch; bury one tie below grade, and build keys into the hill to ensure a long lasting wall. All walls shown were constructed by Robert J. Kleinberg Landscape Design and Construction.

Tie Wall – Drexel Hill, PA 19026


Tie Wall – Aldan, Delaware County, PA 19018

Tie Wall with Steps, Radnor, Delaware County, PA 19087

Tie Planter – Lansdowne, Delaware County, PA 19050

Side view


Tie Wall with Patio – Media, Delaware County, PA 19063

Tie Planter 2 – Aldan, Delaware County, PA 19018