Patio Design & Construction

  • A patio, if done right, can be an extension of the house.
  • Another room to use and give many people a good reason to get out into the yard; especially with the addition of a water feature.
  • A place for the kids to hang out outside in the fresh air, and for the adults to entertain or just relax and unwind after work.
  • Night lighting around a patio is especially rewarding. The landscape lit up at night adds a whole new dimension to your yard. It is framed by the darkness, so you only see the view that you want to have seen.
  • Plantings around the patio can help bring color and beauty to your yard most months of the year.
  • Specializing in small to medium-sized patios constructed with Flagstone, E.P. Henry and other brands of interlocking concrete pavers, and Brick.
  • Patios and walks are blended into existing grade with a minimum of disturbance to surrounding lawns and gardens, and the proper pitch (approximately 1½% to 2% grade) set to appear level and still drain water away from the house.
  • Pennsylvania bluestone or flagstone 1½ inches thick is installed on a compacted based off modified and screened stone. Stones come in various shades of gray which may have tints of blue (bluestone), green, tan, brown, rust, and plum mixed with the gray. We individually select the stones to ensure quality and desired color range. Stones are also individually installed at the proper grade.
  • Many of our customers have used E. P. Henry concrete pavers, but we also can use Imperial, Techo-Bloc, Cambridge, Belgard, Anchor, Hanover, Rinox, CST or any other brand of pavers. Installation is the same for all of the different brands.
  • See Patio & Walk Construction for construction information.
  • Interlocking concrete pavers are installed over a compacted base of modified stone and stamped into of bed of sand. Pavers come in a large range of colors and styles. With so much variety, they can work with almost any project. Pavers are made of concrete instead of clay and do not absorb as much water as traditional brick; therefore algae is not as much of a problem in shady areas as it can be with brick.
  • Click here to see best practices we use to construct a good patio as taught by the ICPI and used by the top Hardscapers and Landscapers.
  • Please view some examples of the various colors and different patterns that can be used on our Paver Colors Page.
  • Clay Paving bricks are installed over a compacted base of modified and screened stone with many available patterns and styles. Brick can be formed in a mold, or wire cut during it formation for very different looks. You can find more information on various types of brick on the Glen-Gery website.

Patio construction as taught by the ICPI and used by the best Hardscapers and Landscapers is shown and described at the link below:

Patio Construction

Scroll down on this page where there are brief descriptions and photos of different types of patios that we build.All patios shown were constructed by Robert J. Kleinberg Landscape Design and Construction.

Interlocking Concrete Paver Patios

Old Towne Cobble Patio – Haverford, Delaware County, PA 19041

Symetry Venetian Parquet Patio – Marple, Delaware County, PA 19008

Colonial Stone Patio – Narberth, Montgomery County, PA 19073

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Bluestone & Flagstone Patios

Bluestone Patio with Tumbled Bluestone Sitting Wall (Knee Wall) – Media, Delaware County, PA 19063

Close-up of Bluestone Patio

Flagstone Patio Full Range Color with Cobblestone Border Along Driveway – Drexel Hill, Delaware County, PA 19026

Close-up of Flagstone Patio

Flagstone Patio Full Range Color with Tumbled Bluestone Sitting Wall (Knee Wall) – Merion Station, Montgomery County, Main Line, PA 19066

Close-up of flagstone

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Brick Patios

Glen Gery Danish Pavers Clay Brick Patio & Walk – Secane, Delaware County, PA 19018

Glen Gery 53DD Mixed With Old Existing Clay Brick Patio – Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA 19073

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