Wall Construction

Small to medium sized walls are constructed with the proper batter and engineering for the material used. Many of our customers have used E. P. Henry wall stones, but we also can use Imperial, Techo-Bloc, Cambridge, Belgard, Anchor, Hanover, Rinox, CST, Allen Block or any other brand of wall stones. Installation is the same for all of the different brands. Segmental Retaining Walls can be used for a long-lasting and nicely textured wall. Shown here is construction of a wall 3½ -ft. high above grade.

For the last few years new styles and colors of wall stones have been added each year. Check out manufacturer’s web sites for more up to date information. To order the current years catalog see E. P. Henry, Techo-Bloc or other paver companies web sites.

This page is here to illustrate how we construct our wall and should not be used as a ‘how to’ guide for wall construction. Many variables can affect how a wall performs such as slope at the top and bottom of the wall, surcharge or weight at the top of the wall (a parking lot at the top of a wall will add a lot of pressure), type of soil, water drainage behind the wall and construction in a flood plain are all variables that may need an engineer to resolve. Walls over 4-ft. in height should also have engineering plans.

Wall Construction Photos

Shown here is construction of a wall 3½ -ft. high above grade.