Interlocking Concrete Paver Walks

Over the 30+ years that we have been installing them, Interlocking pavers have been steadily improving – in the quality of the materials and installation techniques. In this area E.P. Henry took the lead in researching and then educating contractors in the best practices. Other paver manufacturers have followed suit and now others, most notably Techo-Bloc, also put on educational classes for contractors every winter. All of this has greatly improved the quality of patio and wall construction in the area. In other parts of the world – particularly Germany and parts of Canada – pavers for patios and driveways are more common than concrete and asphalt. The higher initial cost is more than made up for in the long life of the pavers and the ease of repair if there is ever a problem. There is also additional research going into cleaning techniques and sealing products so that with a little effort, paver patios, walks and driveways can be kept looking good for a lifetime. We attend seminars every winter to learn the latest information to be sure you getting the best possible patio, walk and wall.

  • Specializing in small to medium patios.
  • Patios and walks are blended into existing grade, with a minimum of disturbance to surrounding lawns and gardens, and the proper pitch (approximately 1½% grade) set to appear level and still drain water away from the house.
  • Many of our customers have used E. P. Henry concrete pavers, but we also can use Techo-Bloc, Cambridge, Belgard, Anchor, Hanover, Rinox, CST or any other brand of pavers. Installation is the same for all of the different brands.
  • See Patio & Walk Construction for construction information.
  • Paver patios are installed over a compacted base of modified stone and stamped into of bed of sand.
  • Pavers come in a large range of colors and styles. With so much variety, they can work with almost any project.
  • Pavers are made of concrete instead of clay and do not absorb as much water as traditional brick; therefore algae is not as much of a problem in shady areas as it can be with brick.
  • Click here to see best practices we use to construct a good patio as taught by the ICPI and used by the top Hardscapers and Landscapers.
  • Please view some examples of the various colors and different patterns that can be used on our Paver Color Page.
  • For the last few years, new styles and colors have been added each year. Check out manufacturers websites for more up to date information. To order the current year’s catalog see E. P. Henry, Techo-Bloc or other paver companies web sites.

Old Towne Cobble Patios

E. P. Henry Old Towne Cobble Stones come in two sizes: 6-in. by 6-in. and 6-in. by 9-in. Our most commonly used colors are Harvest Blend (brown blend), and Pewter Blend (gray blend) which is often combined with red or brown or charcoal. Old Towne Cobble comes in Autumn Blend, Harvest Blend, Pewter Blend, Dakota Blend, and Charcoal.

EP Henry Old Towne Cobble Harvest Blend Walk – Media, Delaware County, PA 19063

EP Henry Old Towne Cobble Pewter Blend Walk with 20% Harvest Blend – Newtown Square, PA 19073

Symetry Paver Walks

E. P. Henry Symetry is a uniquely shaped stone that can be installed in many interesting patterns. It is often combined with 6-in. Symetry Squares in a variety of parquet patterns. Symetry Pavers come in Red, Natural, Tan, Autumn Blend, Pewter Blend, and Harvest Blend. Symetry Squares come in these colors plus Charcoal and Brown.

EP Henry Red Symetry Walk with Pewter Blend Brickstone Border – Diamond Run Pattern – Glenolden, Delaware County, PA 19036

Brickstone Paver Walks

E. P. Henry Brickstone walks are made 4-in. by 8-in. in the same shape as traditional brick. They come in a large variety of colors which can be combined and installed in traditional brick patterns. Please see examples below. Brickstone is made of concrete instead of clay and does not absorb as much water as traditional brick; therefore algae is not as much of a problem in shady areas as it can be with brick. Brickstone is available in numerous colors including Red, Brown, Charcoal, Tan, E.P. Tan, Natural, Pewter Blend, Autumn Blend, Harvest Blend, Dakota Blend, with additional premium colors available.
EP Henry Brickstone & Village Square Paver Walk – Msgr. Bonner – Arch. Prendergast Memorial Walk – Drexel Hill, Delaware County, PA 19026
See more photos and construction details of this walk on our Facebook Page


EP Henry Red Brickstone Herringbone Walk With Tan Border

Coventry Stone Walks

E. P. Henry Coventry Stone comes in two sizes: 6-in. by 6-in. and 6-in. by 9-in. Coventry Stone Pavers are tumbled for a natural weathered look. Coventry stone comes closest to the look of natural stone of all the pavers. Coventry stone comes in 4 colors: Autumn Blend (red and gray blend), Harvest Blend (brown blend), Pewter Blend (gray blend) and Dakota Blend (gray and brown blend).

EP Henry Harvest Blend Coventry Walk with 20% Dakota Blend – Media, Delaware County, PA 19063

Colonial Stone Walk

Colonial Stone has been phased out by EP Henry, but these pictures may give you some color use ideas that can be used in your walk.
They are sometimes available from other manufactures.
E. P. Henry Colonial Stones come in three sizes: 4-in. by 6-in. and 4-in. by 4-in. and 4-in. by 2-in. They work well in curves because of their rounded corners. Colonial Stone comes in Autumn Blend, Pewter Blend, Harvest Blend, Tan and Charcoal.

EP Henry Colonial Stone Pewter Blend Walk with 10% Autumn Blend and 10% Charcoal – Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA 19073