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Robert J. Kleinberg
Landscape Design & Construction

114 Ashley Road
Newtown Square, PA  19073
(Trees not at this location)
Phone: (610) 325-2313  Cell: 484-225-0614
Lansdowne area: 610-259-6106
 PA HIC License #:  PA29966
Click here for directions to Christmas tree lot.


First tree delivery for this year is scheduled for Friday, November 28, 2014.

We are again expecting a great selection of Fraser fir and Douglas fir 6 ft. all the way up to 10 ft. for $25 to $40. We have also ordered some 5-ft. trees for $20.  With other tree varieties later in the season.  Check back for updates.

Our Facebook page has more frequent updates.


Making your yard a joy to come home to.

  • Plantings to help bring color and beauty to your yard most months of the year.
  • Construction of patios and walks to help you enjoy your yard.
  • Construction of walls and steps for beauty and utility - to make your yard more usable, and give you better drainage.
  • Ponds waterfalls, fountains, and other water features to give you a reason to go outside.
  • Night lighting for safety and to highlight some of the best views of your property at night.

Scroll down on this page where there are brief descriptions and photos of our services.  There are also over 70 pages on our site with more detailed information, and where you can view over 1,000 photos and 100's of before and after shots that will show you what we can do to improve your property.  Scroll down or click on the links on this page for more information.

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Paver Walkway
Steps and Landings
Wall stone steps and landing in walk
Wall stone with steps and patio
Landscaping Office Building
Christmas Trees
Christmas trees
EP Henry logo
Paver Driveways
About Us
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Cobblestones & Edging
Contact Us

Recent Jobs / Blog

Ponds & Water Features

Permeable Paving


Paver Patio Venetian Parquet

Paver Walkway

Steps and Landings
Wall stone steps and landing in walk, Springfield

Wall stone with steps and patio, Radnor

Landscaping Office Bldg Philadelphia

Cobblestones & Edging

Ponds & Water Features


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  • We offer a large selection of services including Ponds and Water Features, Landscape Lighting,  Patios, Walks, Driveways, Steps, Landings, and Walls made of Flagstone or Bluestone, E.P. Henry  and other brands of interlocking concrete pavers, Brick, Natural Stone and Ties.
  • Landscape Design and Installation, either Residential or Commercial; including new plantings, or renovations of old landscapes.
  • We install trees, shrubs, seasonal plantings of annuals and perennials from a small backyard to a large commercial planting, but we specialize in jobs that fit what we can do.  We know our limits; some jobs are too big, and some jobs are too small.
  • Robert Kleinberg is a Horticulturist with degrees from The University of Delaware and Villanova University. 
  • He is a Horticulturist, an ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installer and a NCMA Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer.
  • He is also an EP Henry Authorized Hardscaping Contractor.
  • He has been designing and constructing patios and gardens as a Landscape and Hardscaping contractor since 1986.
  • Working in Philadelphia, Delaware County ( Newtown Square, Havertown, Marple, Broomall, Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, Springfield, Swarthmore, Ridley, Media, Upper Darby, Middletown, Radnor, Lima ), Chester County (Edgemont, Paoli, Goshen, Tredyffrin, Westtown, Willistown, Berwyn, Malvern, West Chester), Montgomery County and the Main Line ( Lower Merion, Bala Cynwyd, Ardmore, Narberth, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Wayne, Devon,  Gladwyne, Wynnewood ) PA.
  • We are fully insured, licensed with the state of Pennsylvania (PA HIC License #:  PA29966), and a BBB Accredited Business. 
      Click on the link to go to the BBB website.

Click on the logos below for more information.

ICPI Certifird Installer  

EP Henry

NCMA Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer

If you are interested in any of Robert J. Kleinberg Landscape Design & Construction services,  you can contact me at (610)-325-2313,  cell 484-225-0614 or email me at

All work shown here was constructed by Robert J. Kleinberg Landscape Design & Construction.

Patio Construction
EP Henry Paver, Patio Construction, Havertown

Wall Construction
Wall Construction with geogrid

Step Construction
Dakota Blend Terrace Wall Steps Construction Wynnewood

Paver Colors
Paver Patio, Lansdowne

Bed Construction
Garden bed construction

Paver Driveways


Christmas Trees

  • We sell over 2,000 fresh cut Pennsylvania Christmas Trees.
  • Beautiful 5-10 foot Pennsylvania Douglas Fir, Frazier Fir and Canaan Fir are delivered the first week of December and priced $20 to $40.
  • We also carry White Pine and other varieties when available.
  • We receive additional deliveries about every 5 days, so you will be able to find fresh Christmas trees right up until Christmas.
  • Prices start at $20, and trees are separated into clearly marked sections of $20, $25, $30, $35,and $40
  • No tree is priced higher than $40!  This makes finding a Christmas tree in any price range easy.
  • Nearby to Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County and the Main Line PA

Click here for more information

Page 1 - From the early part of the season

We have photos  of some of our happy Christmas Tree customers from 2013.  Click here to go directly to 2013 photos. - Page 1  or Page 2

Click here and it will take you to all Albums including other years Tree Photos, plus Landscape and Hardscape photos. 

Tree Stand 2013 Page 1        Tree Stand 2013 Page 2

Page 2 - From the later part of the season

We also have photos of 2012  tree customers
Page 1 was photos before Dec 13th, and Page 2 is for Photos after Dec 14th.
Click here and it will take you to all Albums including other years Tree Photos, plus Landscape and Hardscape photos.  Click one of the links below to go directly to this year's tree Album that you want.

Tree Stand Page 1        Tree Stand Page 2

See our Facebook page for photos of  2011 Christmas Tree Customers.  Be sure to check out both albums for photos of yourselves and your friends.

Tree Stand Page 1 2011          Tree Stand Page 2 2011


metro 1.jpg (86790 bytes)

Buying a Christmas tree here is one of the 25 cool ideas for the Holiday Season listed in the metro Philadelphia Weekend edition November 30 - December 2, 2007.  Some of the other 25 ideas were The Macy's Holiday Light Show,  The Franklin Institute 'Polar Express Display', Longwood Gardens Christmas, and a few events at the Kimmel Center.  Good company!

Click here to see the article and the complete list of 25 cool ideas.

Christmas Trees Newspaper Article





Landscaping and Landscape Design

Many different considerations and ideas must go into a Landscape Design.

  • How the property will be used?  Children (and ages) or no children?  A lot of entertaining, or mostly just the family?

  • What features -patio, walls, ponds, lighting, etc. - are important to you as a homeowner for you to get the greatest enjoyment and use out of your yard?

  • What are your priorities and goals for your property?

  • What views are most important and from where will they be viewed?  (inside looking out, or outside the property looking towards the house.)

  • Are there areas that need to be screened and hidden from view?

  • Are there safety concerns that need to be addressed with a fence or lighting?

  • Everyone wants low maintenance, but do you enjoy working in your garden?

  • Will you be doing the maintenance, or hiring someone else to do it?

  • There are also often drainage problems that have to be addressed, and the local zoning ordinances can affect what can be done in a design.

Only after these questions are answered do we consider the plantings - which is often the first thing that many homeowners wants to discuss.  When designing the plantings, again many different considerations and ideas must go into a Landscape Design.

  • Proper placement of trees and shrubs is our first step.

  • Plants are spaced to allow for future growth without overcrowding.

  • Good landscape design provides the framework to build on with seasonal color from perennials, annuals and bulbs. 

  • Which seasons are most important to the owner?  Do you go away for many weeks in the summer or any other time?

  • Many other factors are considered such as favorite plants and favorite colors, leaf and flower color, fragrance, berries, texture and more.

This is why it pays to hire a professional.   Please see the examples below and on our Landscaping and  Landscape Design page and on many other pages throughout this website.


Back Yard Walk with Landscaping - Lower Merion, Montgomery County, PA 19096


Japanese Walk & Landscaping before


Japanese Walk & Landscaping


Back Yard Fountain and Landscaping - Merion Station, Montgomery County, Main Line, PA 19066

Before: side of house:

After: With Fountain and landscaping a few years after planting.

Summer Color - Sunny Garden - Philadelphia, PA 19104

Landscape & Summer Garden, Philadelphia, PA

Shady Garden - Drexel Hill, Delaware County, PA 19026

Shady Landscape Garden, Drexel Hill, PA

Flowers - tulips Click here for more information on our landscaping services  Flowers - Impatients


Ponds & Water Features

Ecosystem Pond with Waterfalls and Stream- Newtown Square, Delaware County, PA 19073

This pond was constructed at our office here in Newtown Square in April of 2011; the wall and patio in the fall of 2010.  These photos show many facets of our work besides the pond, including the patio, walls, steps, landscaping and landscape design, landscape lighting, and also the importance of the view from inside.  You are welcome to make an appointment to see it and other features in our Display Garden.  There are many more photos of the pond construction on the Ponds & Water Features Page of this website, and on the  Pond Construction Album of our Facebook Page.




After: Pond with Patio, Wall, Steps, and Landscaping about 1 year after construction


After:  Pond with LED Low Voltage Lighting at night.


After:  Pond view from inside the home.

Ponds & Water Features

All of our services are designed around our goal to help make your yard a joy to come home to.

  • Ponds, Waterfalls Fountains and other water features give many people a good reason to get out into the yard.
  • Night lighting around a water feature is especially rewarding.  A pond with a waterfall lit up at night is like a work of art right in your yard.  It is framed by the darkness, so you only see the view that you want seen.
  • For those who want them, fish can be another plus.
  • Children love to be out in nature and nothing brings nature closer to home than a water feature.
  • There is now even an option of a pondless waterfall that eliminates most of the maintenance of a pond bit still has the exhilaration of rushing water.  It can be turned on when you are home and want to enjoy it, and turned off whenever you like.
  • A small stream of water is like a magnet to the birds (and children) on a hot summers day and the sound of a small waterfall or fountain can be very relaxing.

We use the Aquascape system, and there are many videos on their website showing the many natural options that are available.

Click here for Pond Construction & additional Water Features



EP Henry Brickstone Paver Patio - Wall - Landscaping - East Lansdowne Veterans Memorial, Delaware County, PA 19050
See more Photos of the Veterans Monument on our Facebook page.





Bluestone Patio with Tumbled Bluestone Sitting Wall (Knee Wall)  -  Media, Delaware County, PA 19063


Bluestone Patio before,  Media, PA

Bluestone Patio with Tumbled Bluestone Sitting Wall, Media, PA


Glen Gery Danish Pavers Clay Brick Patio & Walk - Secane, Delaware County, PA 19018




Flagstone Patio Drexel Hill Click here for additional patio information  Paver Patio Venetian Parquet Marple, PA

Patios and Walks and Driveways

Over the 25+ years that I have been installing them, Interlocking pavers have been steadily improving - in quality of the materials and installation techniques.  In this area EP Henry took the lead in researching and then educating contractors in the best practices.  Other paver manufactures have followed suit and now others, most notably Techo-Bloc, also put on educational classes for contractors every winter.  All of this has greatly improved the quality of patio and wall construction in the area.  In other parts of the world - particularly Germany and parts of Canada - pavers for patios and driveways are more common than concrete and asphalt.  The higher initial cost is more than made up for in the long life of the pavers and the ease of repair if there is ever a problem.   There is also additional research going into cleaning techniques and sealing products so that with a little effort, paver patios, walks and driveways can be kept looking good for a lifetime.
We have adapted the procedures that we have learned from the research on pavers to patios and walks made of other materials such as natural bluestone, flagstone. and classic clay bricks.  I attend seminars every winter to learn the latest information to be sure you getting the best possible patio and wall.

  • Specializing in small to medium patios and walks (100 to 1,000 sq. ft.),  constructed with Bluestone or Flagstone , E.P. Henry and other brands of interlocking concrete pavers, and Brick.
  • Patios and walks are blended into existing grade with a minimum of disturbance to surrounding lawns and gardens, and the proper pitch  (approximately 1½% to 2% grade) set to appear level and still drain water away from the house.
  • Pennsylvania bluestone or flagstone comes in various shades of gray which may have tints of blue (bluestone), green, tan, brown, rust, and plum mixed with the gray.   We individually select the stones to insure quality and desired color range. Flagstone Patios   Flagstone Walks
  • Many of our customers have used E. P. Henry concrete pavers, but we also can use Imperial, Techo-Bloc, Cambridge, Belgard, Anchor, Hanover, Rinox, CST or any other brand of pavers. Installation is the same for all of the different brands. Paver Patios   Paver Walks
  • In some cases permeable paver patios, driveways, and walks can be constructed where local zoning will not allow regular types of driveways.  See our Permeable Paver Page for more information.
  • Clay Paving Brick offers permanent color and a centuries old classic look that has proven it can pass the test of time.  Many walks over 200 years old and still in good shape can be seen in older sections of Philadelphia.  Brick Patios   Brick Walks
  • See Patio & Walk Construction for construction information.
  • Click here to see best practices we use to construct a good patio as taught by the ICPI and used by the top Hardscapers and Landscapers.
  • Please view some examples of the various colors and different patterns that can be used on our Paver Colors Page.


Patio and walk construction as taught by EP Henry and used by the best Hardscapers and Landscapers is shown and described at the link below:
Patio and Walk Construction
EP Henry Paver, Patio Construction, Havertown 



EP Henry Brickstone & Village Square Paver Walk - Msgr. Bonner - Arch. Prendergast Memorial Walk - Drexel Hill, Delaware County, PA 19026
See more photos and construction details of this walk on our Facebook page.



After Before Engraved Pavers:



Flagstone Walk Bordered with cobblestones -   Paoli, Chester County, PA 19301




After with Landscaping

Flagstone Walk Click here for additional walk information Paver Walk Red Dimond Run



 EP Henry Old Town Cobble Driveway - Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery County, Main Line, PA 19004
Cobble Stone Border Pewter Blend Driveway "I" Pattern with 20% Dakota Blend



Click here for more information on our driveways 

Click here for more information on our permeable paving 



Tumbled Flagstone Wall  without mortar (Dry Stack) - Lansdowne, Delaware County, PA 19050




Tumbled Bluestone Sitting Wall - Flagstone Patio - Landscaping - Merion Station, Montgomery County, Main Line, PA 19066



After: With Landscaping

After: A few years after planting


EP Henry Harvest Blend Stone Wall Select  - Media, Delaware county, PA 19063


Segmental Retaining Wall before, Media, PA

Segmental Retaining Wall, Media, PA


Click here for additional wall information.

  Segmental Retaining Wall Construction Broomall  Click Here For Wall Construction  Segmental Retaining Wall with geogrid

Flagstone wall & Patio Click here for additional wall information EP Henry Coventry Wall


Steps & Landings

E. P. Henry Dakota Blend Terrace Wall Steps - Wynnewood, Montgomery County, PA 19096


Dakota Blend Terrace Wall Steps Before, Wynnewood


Dakota Blend Terrace Wall Steps, Wynnewood


Solid Block 6-in. Thick Bluestone Steps - Media, Delaware County, PA 19063
8-ft. Wide Upper Steps & 4-ft. Wide Lower Steps



Steps & Landings

  • We can construct steps and landings with many different materials.
  • The height and length of the hill is measured to determine the number of steps, the height of each riser, and the length of each tread.
  • Steps can be constructed with brick or flagstone on a concrete and cinder block foundation for steps that should last for generations.
    Bricks and flagstone as well as various colored bullnose pavers and different textured concrete wall caps could be used as treads on segmental retaining wall (SRW) risers.  They do not require a concrete foundation so they are more economical than masonry  steps.
  • Click here to see best practices of good step construction as taught by the NCMA and used by the top Hardscapers and Landscapers on our Step Construction page. 
  • Pressure treated softwood ties can also be used to make nice steps with six inch risers.  These step are the most economical.
  • Ties can also be combined with brick or flagstone as the tread. 
  • Many examples of the various types of materials can be seen on many pages on our website.  Steps

 Click here for details of Step Construction Dakota Blend Terrace Wall Steps Construction, Wynnewood

Tie Steps with Flagstone Treads Click here for additional step & landing information Wall stone steps


Please check out our new Outstanding Plants of the Month Photos now on Facebook.  It has been updated with over 40 photos of outstanding plants in January & February, over 60 photos of plants that flower in March with descriptions, over 80 photos of plants that look great in April, and over 160 photos of plants that look great in May.  Later in the year as we add additional months we will also feature plants not included on these pages.  Click on the "like" button at the top of the facebook page and you will get notices when there are new photos added.

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